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Nature based solutions

Investing in nature-based solutions is not just an environmental choice but a strategic imperative for companies.  There is an increased demand for products that emanate from natural sources as well as products of companies that demonstrate a commitment to Eco-friendly practices. Investing in nature-based solutions not only aligns with these evolving consumer preferences but also positions companies as leaders in corporate sustainability. Further, nature-based solutions tend to have a smaller lifecycle footprint as compared to other solutions and might the more ecologically sound.

Further, with increased and more stringent environmental regulations, integrating nature-based solutions into operations would ensure corporates are better positioned to navigate regulatory landscapes and capitalize on emerging market opportunities driven by the global push for a greener and more sustainable future.

Industry focus

Industrial players are strategically investing in nature-based solutions to align their operations with environmental stewardship goals. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, industries are leveraging nature-based solutions as a means to enhance operational efficiency and reduce resource dependencies. Sustainable sourcing, circular economy principles, producing bio products and investments in biodiversity conservation not only mitigate environmental impact but also contribute to cost savings and long-term supply chain stability.

Diverse Portfolio


Biocrude is a type of biofuel produced by the hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass. Biocrude is unique in comparison with other forms of biofuels as depending on the quality of the product, it can be blended directly with crude oil and used in refineries. The feed for the biocrude could be forms of organic waste or harvested biomass such as microalgae. The use of such photosynthetic organisms is particularly advantageous as the carbon is incorporated from atmospheric CO2 which after blending would partially replace the carbon released while burning fossil fuels.


A range of carbon capture solutions exist, primarily from two categories – Direct Air Capture & Flue Gas. Direct Air Capture systems take in CO2 directly from the atmosphere and tend to have a higher operational cost due to the low concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Carbon capture using Nature-based Solutions such as algae or tree plantations provides a more ecological & sustainable method for carbon sequestration.

Our Journey So Far


Aarksee Group of Companies is Founded

Aarksee Group of Companies is established with a mission to create sustainable solutions for a better future.


Innovative Carbon Portal Launched

Net-0-carbon is launched as a carbon portal for sustainability initiatives that is run by Aarksee Group of Companies.

In the News

Net-0-carbon in the Press

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